Reputation Management

Get More 5-Star Reviews

93% of consumers say Online reviews influence their purchasing decisions, especially if the review is recent.

Get more 5-star reviews & improve your reputation with Realiiz

How it works

① send review requests

Automatically, or manually with a single button click send a review request to your customers via email or a text message. It’s incredibly easy to setup & customize. Send one request at a time… or, send to all your customers at once.

Automatically send a review request to your customer
The next step is leave a review using Realiiz
Instantly leave a review - right on Google My Business with Realiiz

② they leave a review

All your customer needs to do is click the link or button inside the message you send them, to instantly leave you a review → right on your Google Business Profile, or Facebook page. It’s just another way you’re making life easier for them.

Enjoy more reviews that matter

more reviews that matter

The more Google reviews you have, the higher your business will rank, and the more shoppers that will see your business. Shoppers trust and choose businesses with the most reviews, so make sure that’s you! And not just any reviews, reviews on the sites that matters Google, Facebook.

Get more 5-star reviews & improve your reputation with Realiiz

Once reviews start rolling in

Track key reputation metrics with Realiiz

track key metrics

All your reviews are pulled into the system for easy tracking and follow up. Watch to ensure your number of reviews requests, average rating, and other important metrics are all moving in the right direction.

Reply to customer reviews from inside Realiiz

② reply to customers

Respond to customers right from inside your dashboard, instead of going into each native platform. You get a unified 2-way communication portal to see (and respond to) all your messages from wherever they originate!

showcase reviews

We give you a review widget that you can customize and place on your website. It’s easy to setup and install. And as more of those 5-star reviews start to roll in, the power of social proof will kick in and help increase your sales!

Get more 5-star reviews & improve your reputation with Realiiz
The review platforms inside Realiiz

"It's nice to have all my reviews in one place, in a single dashboard. Since I started using this tool, our number of reviews, average review rating, and organic traffic has been steadily increasing!"

Brian Almand